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Plot responses generated by MPC simulations




plot(MPCobj,t,y,r,u,v,d) plots the results of a simulation based on the MPC object MPCobj. t is a vector of length Nt of time values, y is a matrix of output responses of size [Nt,Ny] where Ny is the number of outputs, r is a matrix of setpoints and has the same size as y, u is a matrix of manipulated variable inputs of size [Nt,Nu] where Nu is the number of manipulated variables, v is a matrix of measured disturbance inputs of size [Nt,Nv] where Nv is the number of measured disturbance inputs, and d is a matrix of unmeasured disturbance inputs of size [Nt,Nd] where Nd is the number of unmeasured disturbances input.

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Introduced before R2006a