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Add Assessment Item to Open edX

If MATLAB® Grader™ has already been integrated into the course, you can add MATLAB Grader assessment item.


Only an assessment item added in either the View Live Version or Preview view of the course are visible to students.

Step 1. Add LTI component:

  1. In Studio, go to the course you want.

  2. Create or go to the unit where you want to add a MATLAB Grader assessment item.

  3. Follow the instructions in Adding an LTI Component to a course unit from Open edX®.

    1. MATLAB Grader requires authentication. If your LMS administrator has not added the LTI passport to your course settings, you cannot continue.

    2. For the following fields, get the values from your LMS administrator.

      • LTI ID—same ID used in the LTI passport string

      • LTI URL—launch URL

      Make sure there are no leading and trailing spaces in the ID and URL text.

    3. Adjust the remaining LTI component settings, as needed.

  4. Click Save.

Step 2. Add your content:

  1. Click Preview, or, after publishing your changes, View Live Version.

  2. Open edX launches the MATLAB Grader interface for copying and creating content. You can create a new assessment item or select an assessment item from your available collections or courses.

If you are unable to find the MATLAB Grader integration or need help for any part of this process, contact the LMS administrator or the IT department directory at your institution.

For technical support, contact MathWorks Technical Support.

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