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Add Assessment Item to Canvas (Instructure)

If an LMS administrator has already performed MATLAB® Grader™ integration with Canvas®, you can add MATLAB Grader assessment items to your course.

Follow the Canvas instructions in How do I add an assignment using an external app?, which explain how to add an assignment using an external tool. Some links require a third-party vendor login.

  • Look for "MATLAB Grader" in the list of available external tools.

  • After you save the changes, Canvas launches the MATLAB Grader interface for copying and creating content. You can create a new assessment item or select an existing item from your available collections or courses.

If you are unable to find the MATLAB Grader integration or need help for any part of this process, contact the LMS administrator or the IT department directory at your institution.

For technical support, contact MathWorks Technical Support.

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