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Create or Copy Coding Problems

Add coding problems and create assessment items to test learner solutions

Create or copy coding problems and assessment items for use in MATLAB® Grader™ courses or in a Learning Management System (LMS).

You can add coding problems to any collection or course. When you are in the collection or course, navigate into the group or assignment, respectively, and then click ADD PROBLEM.

  • MathWorks® Collections: Copy sample coding problems authored by MathWorks staff and adapt them for your course or collection. These coding problems illustrate good practices for writing coding problems and creating assessments.

  • MATLAB Grader Courses and Collections: Copy existing coding problems currently in your list of courses and collections and modify as necessary. These can be coding problems you have coded yourself, copied from existing coding problems, or been given access to by another instructor.

  • LMS Courses: If you have LMS courses integrated with MATLAB Grader, you can add more coding problems to those courses.

  • Blank Problem: Author a new coding problem. You can choose to create either a function-type or script-type problem.

    If you choose Blank Problem and then change your mind, click Choose Different Problem to be returned to the options page.


assessVariableEqualPerform multiple checks for variable presence and equality
assessFunctionPresenceCheck for presence of specific functions or keywords in the submission
assessFunctionAbsenceCheck that certain functions or keywords are not present in the learner solution


Coding Problems