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Reverse order of characters in strings



newStr = reverse(str) reverses the order of the characters in str.


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Reverse the strings in a string array and find strings that read the same when reversed.

str = ["airport","control tower","radar","runway"]
str = 1x4 string
    "airport"    "control tower"    "radar"    "runway"

newStr = reverse(str)
newStr = 1x4 string
    "tropria"    "rewot lortnoc"    "radar"    "yawnur"

tf = (newStr == str)
tf = 1x4 logical array

   0   0   1   0

ans = 

Input Arguments

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Input text, specified as a string array, character vector, or cell array of character vectors.

Output Arguments

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Output text, returned as a string array, a character vector, or a cell array of character vectors. str and newStr are the same data type.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2016b

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