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meta.MetaData class

Package: meta
Superclasses: matlab.mixin.Heterogeneous

Root of the hierarchy of metaclasses


The meta.MetaData class forms the root of the metadata class hierarchy. Metadata objects represent MATLAB® class definitions and the constituent parts of those definitions, such as properties and methods. Metadata objects provide a programmatic interface to information about class definitions.

MATLAB uses instances of the meta.MetaData class as the default object to fill in missing elements in arrays of metaclass objects.

Use the findobj and findprop handle class methods to search the metadata hierarchy for metadata objects. For information on using metadata, see Class Introspection and Metadata.

The meta.MetaData class is a handle class.


You cannot create an object of this class directly. To access class metadata, use the metaclass function.

Version History

Introduced in R2008a