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Enable, disable, or report status of MATLAB Automation server


state = enableservice('AutomationServer')


enableservice('AutomationServer',enable) enables or disables the MATLAB® Automation server. If enable is true (logical 1), enableservice converts an existing MATLAB session into an Automation server. If enable is false (logical 0), enableservice disables the MATLAB Automation server.

This function is equivalent to calling this MATLAB startup command at the Windows operating system prompt:

matlab -automation

state = enableservice('AutomationServer') returns the current state of the Automation server. If state is logical 1 (true), MATLAB is an Automation server.

COM functions are available on Microsoft® Windows® systems only.


Enable the Automation server in the current MATLAB session:

state = enableservice('AutomationServer',true);

Show the current state of the MATLAB session. MATLAB displays true:

state = enableservice('AutomationServer')

Enable the Automation server and show the previous state. MATLAB displays true. The previous state can be the same as the current state:

state = enableservice('AutomationServer',true)

To enable the Automation server every time you run MATLAB, see Manually Create Automation Server.

Introduced before R2006a