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Call MATLAB Functions from C Applications

The program engdemo.c in the matlabroot/extern/examples/eng_mat folder illustrates how to call the engine functions from a standalone C program. This example uses the C Matrix API.


For calling MATLAB® functions from C++ applications, use the MATLAB Data API. For more information, see Call MATLAB Functions from C++.

For a Microsoft® Windows® version of this program, open engwindemo.c in the matlabroot\extern\examples\eng_mat folder. For a C++ version, open engdemo.cpp.

The first part of this program starts MATLAB and sends it data. MATLAB analyzes the data and plots the results.

The program continues with:

Press Return to continue

Pressing Return continues the program:

Done for Part I.
Enter a MATLAB command to evaluate.  This command should
create a variable X.  This program will then determine
what kind of variable you created.
For example: X = 1:5

Entering X = 17.5 continues the program execution.

X = 17.5
X =
Retrieving X...
X is class double

Finally, the program frees memory, closes the MATLAB engine, and exits.

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