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Installation Configuration Properties

Configure MATLAB Online Server installation

Since R2020a

MATLAB® Online Server™ provides a file, install.config, containing properties for configuring your server installation. To update these properties, follow these steps:

  1. In a text editor, open the installation configuration file. mosRoot is your MATLAB Online Server root folder. For example, if you installed the server to your home folder, then mosRoot is ~/matlab_online_server.

  2. Update the properties and save the file.

  3. Deploy your changes to the server.

    • If the server is not already deployed, then deploy it using this command:

      ./mosadm deploy
    • If the server is already deployed, then undeploy and redeploy it using these commands:

      ./mosadm undeploy
      ./mosadm deploy

Domain Name

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Fully qualified domain name used to access MATLAB Online Server from a web browser. For example: Specifying an IP address as the domain base is not supported.

It is recommended that the domain name is registered to your organization and that the IP address of the server or load balancer are available on the DNS server of the organization.

To test that your domain is working, it is possible to temporarily update the host entry of your client machine to have the IP address and the fully qualified domain name. Then, you can test accessing MATLAB Online Server instance from a browser in your client using this domain name.


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Remote Docker registry to push Docker images to.


Remote Docker repository.

Example: mos

User-friendly name for the Kubernetes secret object. When you deploy MATLAB Online Server, this object is created from registry credentials. This secret enables the nodes to pull images from the remote registry.

Example: mymossecret


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Namespace to use for the deployment.


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MATLAB Online sign-in password.

The username for this bootstrapping mode is admin.

For security purposes, it is recommended that you replace the default administration password with a more secure one.

Identity provider configuration for authenticating MATLAB Online users is covered in Configure User Authentication in MATLAB Online Server.

License Server

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MATLAB Online Server license server. Specify the port and hostname IP address in the format port@host.

Example: "14650@"

MATLAB license server details. Specify the port and hostname IP address in the format port@host.

Example: "27000@"


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Option to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS), specified as false or true.

When configuring your environment with TLS, leverage your organization's best practices for key management, certificate authority, and key rotation for MATLAB Online Server. For a local development environment and during configuration of your environment, it is acceptable to temporarily disable TLS to aid in initial deployment.

Path to the TLS key file.


This property applies only if IS_TLS_ENABLED is set to true.

Path to the TLS certification file.


This property applies only if IS_TLS_ENABLED is set to true.


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Name of an existing Kubernetes certificate.

Base Container Image

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The base container images that are used to install and configure MATLAB Online Server, specified as debian or rhel.

Offline Installation

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Option to enable MATLAB Online Server to run in offline mode, specified as false or true.

For details on installing MATLAB Online Server in an offline environment, see Perform Offline MATLAB Online Server Installation.

Client-Only Mode

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Option to enable MATLAB Online Server to run in client-only mode, specified as false or true.

Monitoring and Observability

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Log level of MATLAB Online Server, specified as error, warn, info, or debug.

For more verbose logs, specify LOG_LEVEL=debug.

To set the log level for a specific service, in the YAML override file for that service, set the admin > logLevel field. For example:

  logLevel: "debug"

Option to enable high availability (HA) for MATLAB Online Server, specified as false or true. For more details, see Enable High Availability in MATLAB Online Server.

Deploy Grafana dashboards, specified as false or true. These dashboards visualize server metrics gathered by the Prometheus® monitoring system, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve server performance. For more details, see Configure Observability in MATLAB Online Server.

Option to enable tracing features for MATLAB Online Server microservices, specified as false or true. When you set this property to true, the server installs these components:

  • OpenTelemetry Collector — Collects telemetry data, such as traces, logs, and metrics, from the microservices

  • Jaeger Charts — Provides visualizations of the collected telemetry data

You can view the Jaeger visualizations at DOMAIN_BASE/jaeger.


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Option to update the firewall policy in single-node clusters to use the MATLAB Online Server policies, specified as true or false. If a firewall policy does not already exist, the server creates it.

With this firewall policy, only ports 22 (SSH), 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) are enabled. To communicate on any other port, you must use the ufw (uncomplicated firewall command). For example, this command enables communication on port 8443:

sudo ufw allow 8443

This parameter applies only to single-node installations. For more details, see:

Version History

Introduced in R2020a