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Get Started with LTE Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test the physical layer of LTE and LTE-Advanced wireless communications systems

LTE Toolbox™ provides standard-compliant functions and apps for the design, simulation, and verification of LTE, LTE-Advanced, and LTE-Advanced Pro communications systems. The toolbox accelerates LTE algorithm and physical layer (PHY) development, supports golden reference verification and conformance testing, and enables test waveform generation.

With the toolbox you can configure, simulate, measure, and analyze end-to-end communications links. You can also create and reuse a conformance test bench to verify that your designs, prototypes, and implementations comply with the LTE standard.

Using LTE Toolbox with RF instruments or hardware support packages, you can connect transmitter and receiver models to radio devices and verify your designs via over-the-air transmission and reception.


  • Represent Resource Grids

    Represent LTE resource grids by using multidimensional arrays.

  • Resource Grid Indexing

    LTE Toolbox provides facilities to generate sequences of symbols corresponding to the physical channels and signals.

  • Parameterization

    Describes the function parameter style, the way parameters are passed to the toolbox functions. Some of the functions in the LTE Toolbox require a large number of parameters. To simplify this process and to group together relevant parameters, structures are used.

  • App-Based LTE Waveform Generation

    Generate E-TM and RMC waveforms by using the LTE Waveform Generator app.

  • Transmit-Receive Chain Processing

    Implement an LTE transmit-receive processing chain.

About LTE

  • What Is LTE?

    Describes LTE for the benefit of the new user, covering the definition of long-term evolution, the role of 3GPP, and a note about limitations to the LTE physical layer.

  • LTE-Advanced Functionality

    The LTE Toolbox represents LTE updates through functions and parameter settings. LTE-Advanced is represented in releases 10, 11, and 12 of the LTE Standard. This section opens with a brief description of significant Release 9 updates to the initial LTE offering.