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Channel Estimation

Realistic and perfect channel estimation

Use channel estimation functions to estimate the channel response to aid signal recovery.


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lteDLChannelEstimateDownlink channel estimation
lteDLPerfectChannelEstimateDownlink perfect channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUSCH uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH1PUCCH format 1 uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH2PUCCH format 2 uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH3PUCCH format 3 uplink channel estimation
lteULPerfectChannelEstimateUplink perfect channel estimation
lteSLChannelEstimatePSBCHPSBCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLChannelEstimatePSSCHPSSCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLChannelEstimatePSCCHPSCCH sidelink channel estimation


Channel Estimation

Describes the algorithms used for channel estimation in the LTE Toolbox™ product and the options available.

LTE Downlink Channel Estimation and Equalization

This example shows how to use the LTE Toolbox™ to create a frame worth of data, pass it through a fading channel and perform channel estimation and equalization.

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