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How to Use This Troubleshooting Guide

If you have trouble connecting to or communicating with an instrument, try the suggestions in this guide.

The first thing to check is that your instrument is supported with the toolbox. See Is My Hardware Supported? for information about supported interfaces and supported hardware.

For connection and communication issues using a specific interface, see the section about that interface. For example, if you are having trouble using an instrument over the Bluetooth interface, refer to the Bluetooth section. Each interface section covers platform support, interface requirements, and troubleshooting tips and procedures for that interface.

If you are using VISA with another interface, try reading the sections for both interfaces. For example, if you are using VISA with UDP, try reading the sections on both VISA (“IVI, VISA, and the Quick Control Interfaces” topic) and UDP.

If you are having trouble with deployment or use of the MATLAB® Compiler™, see Deploying Standalone Applications with Instrument Control Toolbox.

If you need to contact MathWorks Technical Support, read Contact MathWorks and Use the instrsupport Function first. The instrsupport function runs diagnostics and provides useful information that may help solve your problem.