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OPC HDA server name space



NS = getNameSpace(HdaObj) retrieves the entire server name space from the connected OPC HDA Client HdaObj.

NS = getNameSpace(HdaObj,'StartItemID','itemID') retrieves the server name space beginning at Fully Qualified Item ID 'itemID', and all branches in the name space below 'itemID'.

NS = getNameSpace(HdaObj,'Depth',dLevel) retrieves the dLevel levels of the server name space beginning at the server name space root. Specifying dLevel as 1 retrieves only the nodes (branch and leaf) contained in the root of the server name space.

NS = getNameSpace(HdaObj,'StartItemID','itemID','Depth',dLevel) retrieves the dLevel levels of the name space starting at Fully Qualified Item ID 'itemID'.

In all cases, NS is a recursive structure array representing the name space of the server. Each element of NS is a node in the name space. NS contains the fields:

  • Name — a descriptive name

  • FullyQualifiedID — the fully qualified ItemID of that node

  • NodeType — defines the node as a 'branch' node (containing other nodes) or 'leaf' node (containing no other nodes)

  • Nodes — a structure array with the same fields as NS, representing the nodes contained in this branch of the name space

Use flatnamespace to flatten the hierarchical name space.


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  1. Get the entire name space for the Matrikon™ Simulation Server on the local host:

    hdaObj = opchda('localhost','Matrikon.OPC.Simulation');
    nsFull = getNameSpace(hdaObj)
  2. Get only the first level of the name space:

    nsPart = getNameSpace(hdaObj,'Depth',1)
  3. Add the nodes contained in the first branch of the name space to the existing structure:

    nsPart(1).Nodes = getNameSpace(hdaObj, ... 
        'StartItemID',nsPart(1).FullyQualifiedID, ... 

Version History

Introduced in R2011a

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