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Performing Cosimulation

When you are finished creating a function, System object™, or block, select the topic below that describes how you to cosimulate your HDL code.

If you generated this cosimulation interface:Select one of these topics:

MATLAB® test bench function (matlabtb)

Not supported for Vivado® cosimulation.

MATLAB component function (matlabcp)

Not supported for Vivado cosimulation.

MATLAB System object

With a completed System object, you are ready to use it for HDL verification. See Verify Viterbi Decoder Using MATLAB System Object and HDL Simulator for an example of using the MATLAB System object for HDL cosimulation.

Simulink® Block

Place your HDL cosimulation block within a test bench or component model. See Create a Simulink Cosimulation Test Bench or Create Simulink Model for Component Cosimulation.

After you have an HDL cosimulation model, run the simulation. See Run a Simulink Cosimulation Session.

You can also view the following examples: