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Sharing Fixed-Point Models

You can edit a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer™ software. However, you must have a Fixed-Point Designer software license to:

  • Update a Simulink® diagram (Ctrl+D) containing fixed-point data types

  • Simulate a model containing fixed-point data types

  • Generate code from a model containing fixed-point data types

  • Log the minimum and maximum values produced by a simulation

  • Automatically scale the output of a model

If the Fixed-Point Designer product is not installed on your system, you can work with a model containing Simulink blocks with fixed-point settings as follows:

  1. Instrumentation requires a Fixed-Point Designer license. To disable fixed-point instrumentation on a model, set the MinMaxOverflowLogging parameter to ForceOff. At the command line, enter:


  2. If you do not have Fixed-Point Designer software, you can still configure data type override settings to simulate a model that specifies fixed-point data types. Using this setting, the software temporarily overrides data types with floating-point data types during simulation. To simulate a model without using Fixed-Point Designer, at the command line enter:

    set_param(gcs, 'DataTypeOverride', 'Double', ...
    'DataTypeOverrideAppliesTo', 'AllNumericTypes')

  3. If you use fi objects or embedded numeric data types in your model or workspace, you might introduce fixed-point data types into your model. To prevent the checkout of a Fixed-Point Designer license, set the fipref DataTypeOverride property to TrueDoubles and the DataTypeOverrideAppliesTo property to AllNumericTypes.

    At the MATLAB® command line, enter:

     p = fipref('DataTypeOverride', 'TrueDoubles', ...
    		'DataTypeOverrideAppliesTo', 'AllNumericTypes');

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