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Apply settings from shortcut to model



applySettingsFromShortcut(converter,shortcutName) applies settings from the specified system shortcut, shortcutName, to a converter object.


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This example shows how to configure a model for fixed-point conversion using a shortcut.

Open the fxpdemo_feedback model.


Create a DataTypeWorkflow.Converter object for the Controller subsystem.

converter = DataTypeWorkflow.Converter('fxpdemo_feedback/Controller');

Configure the model for conversion by using a shortcut. Find the shortcuts that are available for the system by accessing the ShortcutsForSelectedSystem property of the converter object.

shortcuts = converter.ShortcutsForSelectedSystem
shortcuts =

  6x1 cell array

    {'Range collection using double override'       }
    {'Range collection with specified data types'   }
    {'Range collection using single override'       }
    {'Disable range collection'                     }
    {'Remove overrides and disable range collection'}
    {'Range collection using scaled double override'}

To collect idealized ranges for the system, use the 'Range collection using double override' shortcut to override the system with double-precision data types and enable instrumentation.


This shortcut also updates the current run name property of the converter object.

ans =


Input Arguments

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Converter object for the system under design, specified as a DataTypeWorkflow.Converter object.

Name of the shortcut that specifies which settings to use, specified as a character vector.

Example: applySettingsFromShortcut(converter,'Range collection using double override')

Data Types: char

Version History

Introduced in R2014b