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Data Definition

Defining data for code acceleration

Control how data is represented, memory is allocated, and which types are used in algorithm acceleration or fixed-point conversion by how you design your MATLAB® code. Follow the described guidelines to determine the types of variables when accelerating algorithms or converting to fixed-point.


  • Numeric Types
    Data, variables, and functions for code acceleration
  • Characters and Strings
    Definition and use of text in code acceleration
  • Variable-Size Data
    Variable-size data for code acceleration, dynamic memory allocation
  • Structures
    Code acceleration structures and supported operations
  • Cell Arrays
    Definition and use of cell arrays in code acceleration
  • Tables
    Definition and use of tables in code acceleration
  • Categorical Arrays
    Definition and use of categorical arrays in code acceleration
  • Datetime Arrays
    Definition and use of datetime arrays in code acceleration
  • Duration Arrays
    Definition and use of duration arrays in code acceleration
  • Timetables
    Definition and use of timetables in code acceleration
  • Enumerations
    Data restricted to specific values for code acceleration
  • MATLAB Classes
    MATLAB classes used in code acceleration