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GRT (optimized for fixed/floating-point)

Update active configuration parameters of parent model for GRT fixed-point or floating-point code generation

  • GRT (optimized for fixed/floating-point) block

Embedded Coder / Configuration Wizards


When you add a GRT(optimized for fixed-point) block to your Simulink® model and double-click it, a predefined MATLAB® script executes and optimally configures the model parameters for fixed-point or floating-point code generation with the GRT target. Set a block parameter to invoke the build process after configuring the model.

After you double-click the block, open the Configuration Parameters dialog box to see that the model parameter values have changed.


To provide a quick way to switch between configurations, you can include more than one Configuration Wizard block in your model.


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Objective for updating the active configuration parameters of a parent model by using a predefined MATLAB script.

Predefined or custom MATLAB script that updates the active configuration parameters of the parent model.


This parameter is only used with the Custom MATLAB file block. To enable this parameter, set Configure the model for to Custom.

If selected, the predefined script initiates the code generation and build process after updating the configuration parameters.

Version History

Introduced in R2006b