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Return default mapping categories for model data



categories = coder.mapping.defaults.dataCategories() returns a cell array of names for categories of model data elements that you can map to property settings, including a storage class and memory section. The storage class mapped to a category defines how the code generator produces code for that category of data. To set up data category, property, and value combinations for a model, use the category names that the function returns in calls to:

  • coder.mapping.defaults.allowedProperties

  • coder.mapping.defaults.allowedValues

  • coder.mapping.defaults.set


Get Model Data Element Categories

Get a list of the available data categories by calling coder.mapping.defaults.dataCategories.

catData = coder.mapping.defaults.dataCategories()

ans =

  1×9 cell array

  Columns 1 through 4

    {'Inports'}    {'Outports'}    {'ModelParameters'}    {'ModelParameterA...'}

  Columns 5 through 8

    {'ExternalParamet...'}    {'SharedLocalData...'}    {'GlobalDataStores'}    {'InternalData'}

  Column 9


Output Arguments

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Cell array of names for default mapping data categories.

Version History

Introduced in R2018a