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Plot network performance




plotperform(TR) plots error vs. epoch for the training, validation, and test performances of the training record TR returned by the function train.


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This example shows how to use plotperform to obtain a plot of training record error values against the number of training epochs.

[x,t] = bodyfat_dataset;
net = feedforwardnet(10);
[net,tr] = train(net,x,t);

Figure Performance (plotperform) contains an axes. The axes with title Best Validation Performance is 26.6393 at epoch 9 contains 6 objects of type line. These objects represent Train, Validation, Test, Best.

Generally, the error reduces after more epochs of training, but might start to increase on the validation data set as the network starts overfitting the training data. In the default setup, the training stops after six consecutive increases in validation error, and the best performance is taken from the epoch with the lowest validation error.

Introduced in R2008a