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Close Bloomberg B-PIPE connection V3

Since R2021a




close(c) closes the Bloomberg® B-PIPE® connection V3 c using the Bloomberg B-PIPE C++ interface.


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First, create a Bloomberg B-PIPE connection. Then, request last and open prices for a security and close the connection. The current data you see when running this code can differ from the output data here.

Create a Bloomberg B-PIPE connection using the IP address of the machine running the Bloomberg B-PIPE process. This example uses the Bloomberg B-PIPE C++ interface and assumes the following:

  • The authentication is Windows® authentication when you set authtype to 'OS_LOGON'.

  • The application name is blank because you are not connecting to Bloomberg B-PIPE using an application.

  • The IP address for the machine running the Bloomberg B-PIPE process is ''.

  • The port number of the machine running the Bloomberg B-PIPE process is 8194.

c is a bloombergBPIPE object.

authtype = 'OS_LOGON';
appname = '';
ipaddress = {''};
port = 8194;

c = bloombergBPIPE(authtype,appname,ipaddress,port);

Request last and open prices for Microsoft®.

[d,sec] = getdata(c,'MSFT US Equity',{'LAST_PRICE';'OPEN'})
d = 
    LAST_PRICE: 33.3401
          OPEN: 33.6000

sec = 
    'MSFT US Equity'

getdata returns a structure d with the last and open prices. Also, getdata returns the security in sec.

Close the Bloomberg connection.


Input Arguments

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Bloomberg B-PIPE connection, specified as a bloombergBPIPE object.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a