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Import Large Data Programmatically

Import large data from relational database into MATLAB® workspace using command line

You can use a DatabaseDatastore object to import large data into the MATLAB workspace. To create this object, use the databaseDatastore function. After importing your data into the MATLAB workspace, you can use tall arrays to analyze it. Also, the MapReduce programming technique provides you with greater flexibility in analyzing large data.

To split an SQL query into multiple SQL page queries and import large data in chunks, use the splitsqlquery function. You can access large data by using Database Toolbox™ functions or a parallel pool (requires Parallel Computing Toolbox™).


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databaseDatastoreDatastore for data in database
hasdataDetermine if data in DatabaseDatastore is available to read
previewReturn subset of data from DatabaseDatastore
readRead data in DatabaseDatastore
readallRead all data in DatabaseDatastore
resetReset DatabaseDatastore to initial state
createConnectionForPoolInitialize parallel pool using database connection
splitsqlquerySplit SQL query using paging