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(Not recommended) Display available data acquisition devices



daq.getDevices lists devices available to your system.


  • Devices not supported by the toolbox are denoted in the output list with an asterisk (*). For a complete list of supported devices, see

  • To suppress diagnostic information from daq.getDevices about inoperational vendors, run the function disableVendorDiagnostics. To turn these diagnostics back on, run enableVendorDiagnostics.

device = daq.getDevices assigns the device list to the variable device.


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Get a list of all devices available to your system and store it in the variable d.

 d = daq.getDevices
d = 

index   Vendor    Device ID                            Description                           
----- ----------- --------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
1     directsound Audio0    DirectSound Primary Sound Capture Driver
2     directsound Audio1    DirectSound Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device)
3     directsound Audio3    DirectSound HP 4120 (2- HP 4120)
4     ni          cDAQ1Mod1 National Instruments NI 9205
5     ni          cDAQ1Mod2 National Instruments NI 9263
6     ni          cDAQ1Mod3 National Instruments NI 9234
7     ni          cDAQ2Mod1 National Instruments NI 9402
8     ni          cDAQ2Mod2 National Instruments NI 9205
9     ni          cDAQ2Mod3 National Instruments NI 9375
10    ni          Dev1      National Instruments USB-6211
11    ni          Dev2      National Instruments USB-6218
12    ni          Dev3      National Instruments PCI-6255
13    ni          PXI1Slot2 National Instruments PXI-4461
14    ni          PXI1Slot3 National Instruments PXI-4461

To get detailed information about a particular device or a module in a chassis, type d(index). For example, to get information about the NI 9402, which has the index 7, type:

ans = 

ni: National Instruments NI 9402 (Device ID: 'cDAQ2Mod1')
   Counter input subsystem supports:
      Rates from 0.1 to 80000000.0 scans/sec
      4 channels ('ctr0','ctr1','ctr2','ctr3')
      'EdgeCount','PulseWidth','Frequency','Position' measurement types
   Counter output subsystem supports:
      Rates from 0.1 to 80000000.0 scans/sec
      4 channels ('ctr0','ctr1','ctr2','ctr3')
      'PulseGeneration' measurement type
This module is in slot 1 of the 'cDAQ-9178' chassis with the name 'cDAQ2'.

You can also click on the name of the device in the list to access detailed device information, which includes:

  • subsystem type

  • rate

  • number of available channels

  • measurement type

Output Arguments

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Device list, returned as an array of DeviceInfo objects.

Version History

Introduced in R2010b

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