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C++ MATLAB Data API Shared Library Integration

Create and integrate packaged MATLAB® functions into C++ applications using the MATLAB Data API

Shared libraries that use the MATLAB Data API have a generic interface that uses modern C++ semantics. The interface supports C++11 functionality and has several advantages over the mwArray API, including type-safety and multithread-safety. The interface provides functions that ensure correct initialization and termination of applications. It can be run either in-process or out-of-process and can call functions asynchronously. For details, see MATLAB Data API for C++.

Functions C++ shared library for building C++ shared libraries
mbuildCompile and link source files against MATLAB generated shared libraries
mccCompile MATLAB functions for deployment


matlab::cpplib::initMATLABApplicationStart the MATLAB Runtime and initialize its application state
matlab::cpplib::runMainExecute a function with its input arguments within the main function
matlab::cpplib::convertUTF8StringToUTF16StringConvert UTF-8 string to UTF-16 string
matlab::cpplib::convertUTF16StringToUTF8StringConvert UTF-16 string to UTF-8 string
matlab::cpplib::initMATLABLibraryInitialize a library of MATLAB functions packaged in a deployable archive file
matlab::cpplib::initMATLABLibraryAsyncInitialize a library of MATLAB function asynchronously
matlab::cpplib::MATLABLibrary::fevalExecute a MATLAB function from a deployable archive
matlab::cpplib::MATLABLibrary::fevalAsyncExecute a MATLAB function from a deployable archive asynchronously
matlab::cpplib::MATLABLibrary::waitForFiguresToCloseWait for all figures to close


Create and Implement a C++ MATLAB Data Array API Shared Library

Integrate a C++ Shared Library with C++ Application


Strongly Typed Interface