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Make Changes Persistent on Linux

On Linux systems, unless you make network connection changes persistent, a system reboot resets the network connection changes and loses the host-to-radio connection. To retain the host-to-radio connection after a computer reboot, make the network connection changes to the host computer persistent by making these changes in the /etc/network/interfaces/etc/sysctl.conf, and /etc/security/limits.conf files.

  • Edit /etc/network/interfaces to define settings for eth1. Use an IP address on the same subnet as your radio (that is, the same first three octets match those of your radio) and a unique value for the fourth octet. For more information, see Check Subnet Values on Host and Radio.

    auto eth1 
    iface eth1 inet static 

  • Edit /etc/sysctl.conf to add lines defining these settings for net.core.rmem_max and net.core.wmem_max.

    For more information, see

  • To define the maximum real-time scheduling priority rtprio, edit /etc/security/limits.conf and add this line. Use your group name in place of GROUP.

    @GROUP - rtprio 99
    To determine your group name, run this command in your Linux® terminal.
    $ id -gn
    For more information, see

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