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Kill an application on the NVIDIA target by name

Add-On Required: This feature requires the MATLAB Coder Support Package for NVIDIA Jetson and NVIDIA DRIVE Platforms add-on.



killApplication(hwObj,exeName) sends the signal to operating system on the NVIDIA® target board to kill the application specified by exeName.


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This example shows how to launch and terminate an application on the NVIDIA Jetson™ TX2 target. This example requires a USB camera connected to the NVIDIA target.

Create a live hardware connection from the MATLAB® software to the NVIDIA hardware by using the jetson function. To create a live hardware connection object, provide the host name or IP address, user name, and password of the target board. For example:

hwobj = jetson('jetson-board-name','ubuntu','ubuntu');

Create a MATLAB function liveCapture.m that connects to the webcam on a Jetson TX2 board and displays the image on the board. This function acts as the entry-point for code generation.

function liveCapture() %#codegen

% To enable code generation for hardware interfaces
hwobj = jetson;
w = webcam(hwobj,1,'1280x800');
d = imageDisplay(hwobj);

for k = 1:2000
    % Capture the image from the webcam on hardware.
    img = snapshot(w);
    % Display image.

Create a GPU code configuration object for generating an executable. Use the coder.hardware function to create a configuration object for the Jetson platform and assign it to the Hardware property of the code configuration object cfg.

cfg = coder.gpuConfig('exe');
cfg.GenerateReport = true;
cfg.Hardware = coder.hardware('NVIDIA Jetson');
cfg.CustomInclude = fullfile('codegen','exe','liveCapture','examples');
cfg.CustomSource  = fullfile('codegen','exe','liveCapture','examples','');

The file is generated as part of code generation process. For this example, you can use this file without modification.

To generate CUDA® code, use the codegen command and pass the GPU code configuration object along with the liveCapture entry-point function. After the code generation takes place on the host, the generated files are copied over and built on the target.

codegen -config cfg liveCapture

Use the runApplication function to launch the executable on the TX2 board.

procID = runApplication(hwobj,'liveCapture');
### Launching the executable on the target...
Executable launched successfully with process ID 12821.
Displaying the simple runtime log for the executable...

To kill the executable launched:


Input Arguments

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Connection to a specific NVIDIA hardware board, specified as a jetson or drive object.

Name of the application to send the kill signal for, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'liveCapture.elf'

Version History

Introduced in R2019a