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Code Verification

Behavioral verification of generated code, traceability, code generation reports

After you generate code, inspect the source code and output results for verification purposes. The code generation report provides an interactive interface for inspecting the generated C/C++ source files, generated data types, and other code insights. Access a subset of information from the code generation report programmatically by using the report information object. You can test the output of generated MEX code against the original MATLAB® code, or you can create custom tests based on the MATLAB unit test classes. You can choose to generate run-time error checks that alert you to errors that occur during code execution.


codegenGenerate C/C++ code from MATLAB code
coder.configCreate MATLAB Coder code generation configuration objects
coder.runTestRun test replacing calls to MATLAB functions with calls to MEX functions
getLineColumnFind locations of beginning and end of MATLAB code involved in code generation
coder.ignoreConstPrevent use of constant value of expression for function specializations
coder.ignoreSizePrevent code generator from creating function specializations for constant-size expressions
coder.mfunctionnameName of calling function or method


coder.HardwareImplementationHardware-specific configuration parameters for C/C++ code generation from MATLAB code


coder.MexCodeConfigConfiguration parameters for MEX function generation from MATLAB code
coder.CodeConfigConfiguration parameters for C/C++ code generation from MATLAB code
coder.EmbeddedCodeConfigConfiguration parameters for C/C++ code generation from MATLAB code with Embedded Coder


coder.ReportInfo PropertiesCode generation report information
coder.Summary PropertiesSummary of code generation from MATLAB code
coder.File PropertiesDescription of file without text that is involved in code generation
coder.CodeFile PropertiesDescription of file containing text that is involved in code generation
coder.Function PropertiesDescription of MATLAB function used in code generation
coder.Method PropertiesDescription of method in a MATLAB class used in code generation
coder.Message PropertiesDescription of message produced during code generation
coder.BuildLog PropertiesBuild logs produced during code generation


Code Generation Reports

Code Generation Reports

View code generation results.

Tracing Generated C/C++ Code to MATLAB Source Code

Generate traceability tags.

Access Code Generation Report Information Programmatically

Access information about code generation such as input files, generated files, and error messages by using a report information object.

Testing Generated Code

Testing Code Generated from MATLAB Code

Verify numerical behavior of generated code.

Verify MEX Functions in the MATLAB Coder App

Compare results of running the original MATLAB function with the results from running the MEX function.

Verify MEX Functions at the Command Line

Test MEX functions with coder.runTest or the codegen -test option.

Unit Test Generated Code with MATLAB Coder

Run MATLAB unit tests on generated code.

Unit Test External C Code with MATLAB Coder

Run MATLAB unit tests on generated code that integrates external C code.

Run-Time Error Detection

Generate Standalone C/C++ Code That Detects and Reports Run-Time Errors

Generate standalone libraries and executables that detect and report run-time errors, such as out-of-bounds array indexing.


Avoid Duplicate Functions in Generated Code

Reduce the occurrence of duplicate functions in the generated code.

Run-time Stack Overflow

Set the value of the maximum stack usage parameter.

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