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Set Up Bug Finder Analysis on Servers During Continuous Integration

Check C/C++ code for defects after code submission and upload results for review in web interface

You can check your code with Bug Finder as part of post-submission testing. Set up scripts that run a Bug Finder analysis at regular intervals or based on new submissions. The scripts can upload the analysis results for review in the Polyspace® Access web interface and send emails to owners of source files with Polyspace findings.

DOS/UNIX Commands

polyspace-access (Polyspace Access)(DOS/UNIX) Manage Polyspace Access results and users at the command line
polyspace-bug-finder-server(DOS/UNIX) Run a Bug Finder analysis on a server from Windows, Linux, or other command line
polyspace-cluster-profile-manager(DOS/UNIX) Import MATLAB cluster profile to Polyspace Server commands
polyspace-comments-import(DOS/UNIX) Import review information from previous Polyspace analysis
polyspace-configure(DOS/UNIX) Create Polyspace project from your build system at the DOS or UNIX command line
polyspace-report-generator(DOS/UNIX) Generate reports for Polyspace analysis results stored locally or on Polyspace Access
polyspace-results-export(DOS/UNIX) Export Polyspace results to external formats such as CSV or JSON


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polyspacerootGet Polyspace installation folder
polyspaceBugFinderServerRun analysis with Polyspace Bug Finder Server using MATLAB scripts
polyspaceConfigureCreate Polyspace project from your build system at the MATLAB command line
polyspace_reportGenerate reports from Polyspace analysis results
polyspacePackNGoGenerate and package options files to run Polyspace analysis on code generated from Simulink model
polyspacesetupIntegrate Polyspace installation with Simulink
polyspace.Project Run Polyspace analysis on C and C++ code and read results
polyspace.GenericTargetOptionsCreate a generic target configuration
polyspace.DefectsOptionsCreate custom list of defects to check
polyspace.CodingRulesOptionsCreate custom list of coding rules to check
polyspace.BugFinderResultsRead Polyspace Bug Finder results from MATLAB
polyspace.Project.Configuration PropertiesCustomize Polyspace analysis of handwritten code with options object properties