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Import pulse sequence experimental data



addData(psObj,Time,Voltage,Current) adds the pulse sequence experimental data to the Battery.PulseSequence object. The Time, Voltage, and Current input arrays must have equal lengths. addData computes the charge and state of charge (SOC), using the assumption that the experimental test range is 0% to 100% SOC.


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This example shows how to add data to a Battery.PulseSequence object.

Create a pulse sequence object.

psObj = Battery.PulseSequence;

Load data from a file.

FileName = 'Synthetic_LiPo_PulseDischarge.mat';
[time,voltage,current] = Battery.loadDataFromMatFile(FileName);

Add the data to the pulse sequence.


Input Arguments

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Battery.PulseSequence object for the pulse sequence that you want to analyze.

m-by-1 array of time data, in s.

Data Types: double

m-by-1 array of voltage data, in V.

Data Types: double

m-by-1 array of current data, in A.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2016b