Other Antennas

Yagi-Uda, sector antenna, cloverleaf, phantom head analysis

Yagi-Udas are used in directive antenna applications such as television reception. The antenna consists of a driving element, a reflector, and several directors.


Antenna DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze antennas


yagiUdaCreate Yagi-Uda array antenna
cloverleafCreate three-petal cloverleaf antenna
birdcageCreates birdcage (MRI coil)
sectorInvertedAmosCreate inverted Amos sector antenna
lpdaCreate printed log-periodic dipole array antenna
gregorianCreate Gregorian antenna
cassegrainCreate Cassegrain antenna
quadCustomCreate Yagi-Uda custom array antenna


showDisplay antenna or array structure; display shape as filled patch
infoDisplay information about antenna or array