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Helix Antennas

Monofilar, bifilar and quadrafilar helix antennas with and without ground plane

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Helix antenna

Bifilar helix antenna

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Dipole helix antenna

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Default and conical helix antennas


Default and conical (bifilar and quadrafilar) helix antennas


Monofilar dipole helix antenna


Bifilar and quadrafilar dipole helix antennas

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A helix is a broadband antenna and used with a ground plane. This antenna is used in satellite communication devices such as telephones radio and global positioning systems (GPS).


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helixCreate helix or conical helix antenna on ground plane
dipoleHelixCreate helical dipole antenna
helixMultifilarCreates bifilar or quadrafilar helix or conical helix antenna on circular ground plane
dipoleHelixMultifilarCreate balanced bifilar or quadrafilar dipole helix antenna without circular ground plane


showDisplay antenna or array structure; display shape as filled patch
infoDisplay information about antenna or array
helixpitch2spacingSpacing between turns of helix