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Climb Rate Indicator

Display measurements for aircraft climb rate

  • Climb Rate Indicator block

Aerospace Blockset / Flight Instruments


The Climb Rate Indicator block displays measurements for an aircraft climb rate in ft/min.

The needle covers the top semicircle, if the velocity is positive, and the lower semicircle, if the climb rate is negative. The range of the indicator is from –Maximum feet per minute to Maximum feet per minute. Major ticks indicate Maximum/4. Minor ticks indicate Maximum/8 and Maximum/80.


To facilitate understanding and debugging your model, you can modify instrument block connections in your model during normal and accelerator mode simulations.


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Connect to signal for display, selected from list of signal names.

To view the data from a signal, select a signal in the model. The signal appears in the Connection table. Select the option button next to the signal you want to display. Click Apply to connect the signal.

The table has a row for the signal connected to the block. If there are no signals selected in the model, or the block is not connected to any signals, the table is empty.

Maximum tick mark value, specified as a finite double scalar value, in ft/min.

The minimum tick value is always 0.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: MaximumRate
Type: character vector
Values: scalar
Default: '4000'

Block label, displayed at the top or bottom of the block, or hidden.

  • Top

    Show label at the top of the block.

  • Bottom

    Show label at the bottom of the block.

  • Hide

    Do not show the label or instructional text when the block is not connected.

Programmatic Use

Block Parameter: LabelPosition
Type: character vector
Values: 'Top' | 'Bottom' | 'Hide'
Default: 'Top'

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2016a