News for the MATLAB and Simulink community

January 2021

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Questions Asked and Answered

Topics include:

  • Regression Learner app
  • Model validation
  • GPUs
  • Network architectures


Deploying Predictive Maintenance Algorithms to the Cloud and Edge

See how to develop a predictive maintenance algorithm and deploy it in a production system.

Fundamentals of Linear Control: A Concise Approach

Try this example in your browser: Calculate Laplace transforms, rational functions, and closed-loop responses.


Using MATLAB with Python (26:11)

Learn how to call MATLAB from Python and how to call Python libraries from MATLAB.

Online Course: Practical Data Science with MATLAB 

Completing this Coursera specialization will give you the skills and confidence you need to achieve practical results in data science quickly. 

New Features and Capabilities in MATLAB and Simulink

Hear directly from product developers about these topics and more:

  • Setting up your own deep learning experiments
  • Predictive maintenance using ThingSpeak and MATLAB
  • Generating object-oriented C++ code from MATLAB algorithms
  • Simulink Online