Video and Webinar Series

Data Science Tutorial

Walk through a demonstration that illustrates how to perform data science with MATLAB. This video series outlines how to import, preprocess, analyze, and visualize your data using MATLAB. You will also learn how to do predictive modeling, work with big data, and deploy the models you create.

The examples are included here to follow along.

Importing Your Data into MATLAB Walk through a demonstration that outlines how to import your data into MATLAB.

Preprocessing Your Data in MATLAB After importing data, you can use MATLAB to preprocess it. This video uses an example weather data set to illustrate all the ways you can preprocess your data.

Analyzing Data with MATLAB Learn several common ways to analyze data in MATLAB. This video outlines, step by step, how to perform analysis by group and how to do change point detection.

Visualizing Data with MATLAB Use MATLAB to explore and visualize your data. You can visualize your data in different ways depending on your data type. This video walks through several common methods and visualizations.

Predictive Modeling Walk through an example using historical weather data to predict damage costs of future storm events. You’ll learn how to prepare your data and train and test your model.

Working with Big Data in MATLAB Learn how tall arrays in MATLAB make it easy to work with large amounts of data – whether it is stored locally or in the cloud.

Deploying Your Models Learn how to deploy your models to be used in a web application, so you can easily share them with others. This video shows how to use App Designer to create a user interface and deploy your application.