What Is Robotics System Toolbox?

Robotics System Toolbox helps you design, simulate, and test manipulators, mobile robots, and humanoid robots in a single integrated design environment.

You can load commercially available industrial robot models or build your own robot model to visualize and simulate. 

After defining your robot model using the rigid body tree representation, you can build advanced motion controllers and interface with robot models to complete your robot workflows.

You can then perform collision checking, inverse kinematics, or dynamics calculations on your robot arms.

For mobile robots, Robotics System Toolbox also includes basic algorithms for mapping, localization, path planning, and path following.

You can quickly iterate on the design for your robot applications with fast simulation tools by combining the kinematic and dynamic models in MATLAB and Simulink. 

For additional sensor models and environment simulation, you can co-simulate your robot algorithm by connecting directly to 3D photorealistic and physic-based robot simulators.

For example, you can perform a time-synchronized simulation of a Simulink model with Gazebo.

In addition, you can use MATLAB Coder and Simulink Coder to deploy your robot algorithms to a simulation environment or onto robot hardware.

Then you can view signals, modify parameters, and tune your deployed models.

You can jump-start your own application with reference examples of common industrial robot applications.

For more information, please visit the Robotics System Toolbox product page on and download a trial to check out the reference examples.