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This three-day course will review DSP fundamentals from the perspective of implementation within the FPGA fabric. Particular emphasis will be given to highlighting the cost, with respect to both resources and performance, associated with the implementation of various DSP techniques and algorithms. Topics include:

  • Introduction to FPGA hardware and technology for DSP applications
  • DSP fixed-point arithmetic
  • Signal flow graph techniques
  • HDL code generation for FPGAs
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Implementation
  • Design and implementation of FIR, IIR and CIC filters
  • CORDIC algorithm
  • Design and implementation of adaptive algorithms such as LMS and QR algorithm
  • Techniques for synchronisation and digital communications timing recovery

See detailed course outline.

Course Schedule

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05 dec 2018-
07 dec 2018
US, California, Los Angeles (Torrance) English USD 2,250
27 feb 2019-
01 mar 2019
US, Massachusetts, Natick English USD 2,250
24 jul 2019-
26 jul 2019
US, Colorado, Denver English USD 2,250
11 sep 2019-
13 sep 2019
US, California, San Jose English USD 2,250
30 okt 2019-
01 nov 2019
US, California, San Diego English USD 2,250
27 nov 2019-
29 nov 2019
US, Massachusetts, Natick English USD 2,250
Results 1 - 6 of 6

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