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Explore the latest MATLAB and Simulink features for wireless design

5G and LTE Mobile Communications Standards 

  • New 5G Toolbox: Perform 3GPP standard-compliant simulation and waveform generation for 5G communications systems
  • C-V2X support: Model vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communications using LTE Release 14 Sidelink functionality
  • New NB-IoT and LTE-M support: Model uplink and downlink transport and physical signals
  • TDD configurations support: Generate waveforms for all TDD configurations, including HARQ process mapping tables

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WLAN and Connectivity Standards

  • New IEEE 802.11ax support: Generate 802.11ax (Draft 2.0) waveforms and simulate end-to-end links
  • New MAC frame support: Generate data, management, and control frames
  • New IEEE TGay channel model example: Simulate an end-to-end WLAN link over a TGay mmWave channel
  • New IEEE 802.11p V2V example: Simulate and end-to-end link over a vehicular channel model

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Massive MIMO, Multi-User MIMO, and Beamforming

  • MIMO Antenna Arrays: Design arrays, model beam patterns and imperfections, and analyze antenna gain and channel capacity
  • New Massive MIMO: Simulate an end-to-end MIMO link using hybrid beamforming
  • New Wireless LAN Multi-User MIMO: Simulate 802.11ax MU-MIMO throughput over a TGax indoor fading channel
  • Wireless LAN: 802.11ad waveform generation with beamforming

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Channel and Propogation Modeling

  • WINNER II Channel Model: Model and simulate spatially defined MIMO channels
  • 3GPP 5G TR 38.901 Channel Model: Model 3D propagation and delay profiles for frequencies up to 100 GHz
  • New IEEE TGay channel model example: Simulate an end-to-end WLAN link over a TGay mmWave channel
  • Scattering MIMO channel: Specify an arbitrary number of antennas, antenna polarization, and multipath signal propagation
  • RF Propagation: Visualize transmitter/receiver sites, links, and coverage on a map using terrain and path loss models
  • 3D Terrain Visualization: Stream global terrain data in Site Viewer and visualize path loss computed using the Longley-Rice propagation model
  • SINR Visualization: Visualize transmitter site signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) on a map

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RF and Digital Front End

  • New Power amplifier (PA) modeling: Model wideband and narrowband power amplifiers, capturing non-linearity and memory effects based on input/output device characteristics
  • S-parameter block: Model frequency response of RF devices using S-parameter data
  • New Linearize power amplifiers with DPD: Simulate linearization of RF power amplifiers with memory using digital predistortion (DPD)
  • RF budget analyzer: Analytically compute gain, noise figure, and IP3 for cascaded RF components, and visualize using Smith and polar plots

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Antenna Modeling

  • Antenna designer: Interactively select and analyze antennas with desired characteristics
  • New PCB stack antenna: Design custom PCB antennas with arbitrary metal-dielectric layers and advanced meshing control
  • New Gerber file generation: Prototype and implement antennas using a customizable library of RF connectors and PCB manufacturing services

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Software-Defined Radio 

  • Standard-compliant LTE and WLAN: Over-the-air waveform generation and capture
  • USRP E300 Series software-defined radio: Prototype and test wireless system designs on Ettus Research USRP E-300 SDRs
  • New ADALM-PLUTO software-defined radio: Prototype and test wireless system designs on Analog Devices PlutoSDR  

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Hardware Design and Verification

  • HDL code generation: Generate and verify HDL efficient code prototyping and production implementation
  • New LTE HDL Toolbox: Generate HDL code from LTE-compliant Simulink blocks and reference applications
  • Verification component generation: Generate SystemVerilog DPI and SystemC TLM verification models

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