MathWorks products play a fundamental role in research, design, and product development in a broad range of industries. Companies use MATLAB and Simulink for data analysis, algorithm development, and design and development of control, signal processing, image processing, and communication systems.

Computers and Office Equipment

  • Customer profile: Companies that develop storage devices, computer components, and office equipment
  • Examples: Océ, Quantum, Xerox

Consumer Goods

  • Customer profile: Companies that develop consumer products, household appliances, and recreational products


  • Customer profile: Companies that develop analytical chemistry, process monitoring, and electrical and electronics testing and analysis devices
  • Examples: Instron, INTACTON

Process Industries

Customer profile: Companies involved in process control, process analytics, and test and measurement for:

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Food and Beverage

Rail, Ships, and Other Transportation

  • Customer profile: Companies that develop transportation, power-management, and stability systems and logistics management for routes and missions
  • Examples: Alstom, CSEE Transport, IgH, Segway