Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image and video analysis in disciplines such as guidance and control, surveillance and monitoring, tissue screening, industrial quality control, and medical resonance is expanding rapidly. As the capabilities of image and video capture devices increase, along with the sophistication of digital analysis techniques, the volume of generated data also increases. To gain insight into image and video data, algorithms and customized applications must be developed, deployed on processors, and integrated into workflows.

MathWorks Consulting Services brings broad industry background and extensive tools expertise and puts it to work on your image and video analysis project.

image processing aerial image

Developing image and video analysis algorithms for detecting product defects

MathWorks Consulting Services helps engineers apply image acquisition and analysis algorithms for industrial quality control systems based on the unique features inherent in the acquired images when developing image analysis software. We teach you techniques to automate your image and video analyses, substantially increasing throughput and reducing waste and effort.

Capturing efficient, streamlined workflows in customized user interfaces

MathWorks Consultants help customers develop algorithms and applications to capture specialized data analysis workflows. Image or video analysis workflows are streamlined by implementing custom applications to facilitate the execution of processing algorithms. Best practices gained through years of experience and mastery of MATLAB and Simulink are applied and the knowledge transferred so you can continue to maintain, develop, and enhance your applications.

Processing of large aerial and satellite geo-images

Remote sensing applications involve a broad set of technical issues, from handling large data sets, to multichannel image processing, to handling georeference and map metadata. MathWorks Consultants help you manage and manipulate multispectral and hyperspectral data, isolate remotely-sensed objects, and calculate derived data such as vegetation indices or solar reflectance. We have worked with industries ranging from defense to agriculture to guide the development of customized analysis tools for processing remote sensing data.

Detecting, classifying, recognizing and tracking objects

Computer vision can be used to identify and track objects of interest, such as people, highway signs, and packages, in real-time or recorded video data. MathWorks Consultants assist you in building applications to track objects and detect motion in video data, and to isolate transient features from a static background scene. We help you apply these computer vision capabilities to problems ranging from vehicle tracking to the guidance of docking vessels.

MathWorks Consulting Services works with you to:

  • Replace labor-intensive manual processes with faster automated or semiautomated analyses that substantially increase productivity
  • Create customized applications which capture efficient, streamlined workflows
  • Build in-house competency through customized, project-based coaching sessions

MathWorks Consulting Services helps you gain insight into image and video data with customized applications.