R2021b at a Glance


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R2021b Release Highlights

New Products

Major Updates

  • Lidar Toolbox - Use Lidar Viewer app to visualize, analyze, and preprocess lidar point clouds interactively
  • Simulink Code Inspector - Use Code Inspector contextual tab to check compatibility, inspect code and view results directly in the model
  • Simulink Control Design - Design Model Reference Adaptive Controllers
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox - Get guidance for symbolic workflows with next-step suggestions in MATLAB Live Editor
  • Wavelet Toolbox - Use wavelet analysis to process and extract features for signals and images for AI workflows

Release Details by Product

MATLAB Product Family


  • Editor: Explore new capabilities for code refactoring and block editing, as well as improved code suggestions, code completion, and debugger
  • Python Interface: Run Python commands and scripts from MATLAB
  • BackgroundPool: Run MATLAB functions on a background thread
  • Live Editor Tasks: Interactively summarize, transform, and filter groups of data (compute by group) and center and scale data (normalize data)
  • trenddecomp Function: Find trends in data
  • HDF5: Support for HDF5 version 1.10, including Single-Writer/Multiple-Reader (SWMR), Virtual Dataset (VDS), and Metadata Cache Fine-Tuning
  • Hardware: Use new apps for communicating with devices via serial (serial explorer) and TCP/IP (TCP/IP explorer)
  • ode78 and ode89 Functions: Use high-order Runge-Kutta solvers for ordinary differential equations
  • Projects: Organize, manage, and share your work using projects in MATLAB Online

Lidar Toolbox

  • Lidar Viewer App: Visualize, analyze, and preprocess lidar point clouds interactively using the Lidar Viewer app
  • Aerial Lidar Processing: Apply deep learning and SLAM algorithms on aerial lidar data

Wavelet Toolbox

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Feature Extraction: Perform signal and image analysis, preprocessing, and feature extraction with wavelet techniques and interactive apps for AI models
  • Acceleration and Deployment: Speed up wavelet algorithms using multicore processors and GPUs; generate code for desktop prototyping and embedded deployment

Simulink Product Family


  • Multiple Simulations Panel: Run multiple simulations for different scenarios from Simulink Editor
  • Custom Tabs: Create custom Simulink toolstrip tabs
  • Mini Map: Determine context when viewing part of a block diagram


  • Entry and Exit Junctions: Create entry and exit connections across hierarchy boundaries

System Composer

  • Physical Interfaces with Simscape: Create physical interfaces, ports, and connections on components
  • Software Architectures: Create software architectures from existing components
  • Test Harness Support: Create test harnesses for System Composer components

Simulink Compiler

  •  Runtime Parameter Tuning: Tune parameters while a deployed simulation is running

AI, Data Science, and Statistics

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Shallow Neural Networks: Use in Simulink as native blocks; automate hyperparameter tuning
  • Machine Learning: Explore k-means clustering in a live task and use isolation forest for anomaly detection
  • Deployment: Export models from the Classification and Regression Learner app to MATLAB Production Server

Deep Learning Toolbox

  • 1D Convolutional Networks: Create and train networks for sequence and time-series data
  • Deep Network Designer: Export trained networks to Simulink
  • Neural ODEs: Compute deep learning solution of nonstiff ordinary differential equations using dlode45

Control Systems

Simulink Control Design

  • Model Reference Adaptive Control Block: Design and simulate Model Reference Adaptive Controllers

Reinforcement Learning Toolbox

  • Rewards Generation: Automatically generate reward functions from controller specifications

Model Predictive Control Toolbox

  • Nonlinear MPC: Implement multistage nonlinear MPC controllers with the Embotech FORCESPRO solver

System Identification Toolbox

  • Nonlinear ARX Models: Create models that use regression functions based on machine learning algorithms

Predictive Maintenance Toolbox

  • Diagnostic Feature Designer: Rank unlabeled features, and generate spectral features for characteristic fault frequency bands in rotating machinery

RF and Mixed-Signal

RF PCB Toolbox

  • New Product: Perform electromagnetic analysis of printed circuit boards

Signal Integrity Toolbox

  • New Product: Simulate and analyze high-speed serial and parallel links

Math and Optimization

Symbolic Math Toolbox

  • Next-Step Suggestions: Get guidance for symbolic workflows with next-step suggestions in MATLAB Live Editor

Global Optimization Toolbox

  • Problem-Based Workflow: Solve nonsmooth or global optimization problems using the problem-based optimization workflow