R2021a at a Glance


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Release Highlights

New Products

Major Updates

  • Aerospace Blockset - Perform high-level mission planning for spacecraft and small satellites using the new Orbit Propagator, CubeSat Vehicle, and Attitude Profile blocks
  • Aerospace Toolbox - Define aircraft configuration and dynamics for stability and control analyses, and design and analyze scenarios of satellites and ground stations
  • Antenna Toolbox - Estimate efficiency and losses in metal antennas with finite conductivity and thickness using a catalog of materials, e.g., copper, tin, and gold
  • Audio Toolbox - AI-powered single-line signal analytics for audio, speech, and acoustics with underlying pretrained deep networks and machine learning models
  • Computer Vision Toolbox - Support for labeling and deep learning with arbitrarily large images
  • Datafeed Toolbox - Connect to Bloomberg using C++ interfaces and leverage Trading Toolbox functionality merged into Datafeed Toolbox
  • Mixed-Signal Blockset - Mixed-Signal Analyzer app to import, visualize, and post-process Cadence simulation results and mixed-signal waveforms
  • Navigation Toolbox - Implement multisensor and landmark SLAM; simulate GNSS sensors with improved accuracy
  • Polyspace Access - Polyspace Analysis as You Code: Run static code analysis and view results in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Eclipse
  • Reinforcement Learning Toolbox - Create, train, and simulate reinforcement learning agents interactively with Reinforcement Learning Designer app
  • System Composer - Capture behaviors in sequence diagrams, state charts, and Simulink models; design, simulate, and deploy software architectures
  • Vehicle Network Toolbox - Decode and visualize CAN FD and CAN bus traffic with the CAN FD Explorer and CAN Explorer apps

Release Details by Product

MATLAB Product Family


  • Live Editor Controls: Link variables to drop-down items and slider values to create dynamic controls in live scripts
  • Create Plot Live Editor Task: Create plots interactively and generate code
  • Name=Value Syntax: Use name=value syntax for passing name-value arguments to functions
  • Class Diagram Viewer: Create graphical class diagrams to explore class hierarchy and class details

MATLAB Web App Server

  • Policy-Based Access: Specify a policy to control access to individual folders of web apps

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox

  • Electromagnetic Analysis: Solve 2-D electrostatic and magnetostatic problems

Symbolic Math Toolbox

  • Symbolic Matrix Variables: Perform linear algebra calculations on symbolic matrix variables represented in a compact form

AI, Data Science, and Statistics

Deep Learning Toolbox

  • Experiment Manager: Minimize coding using preconfigured templates and train with custom training loops
  • TensorFlow Importer: Import sequential and functional API models into MATLAB

Reinforcement Learning Toolbox

  • Reinforcement Learning Designer: Design, train, and simulate agents using a visual interactive workflow

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Machine Learning Apps: Evaluate models on held-out test data and fit fully connected neural nets in Classification Learner and Regression Learner
  • Interpretability: Interpret complex models using Shapley values to obtain model-agnostic explanations
  • Prediction Blocks in Simulink: Simulate and generate C/C++ code for decision trees and ensembles of trees

Text Analytics Toolbox

  • BERT Transformer Models: Use BERT models for tasks such as text classification, summarization, and sentiment analysis


Automated Driving Toolbox

  • Share driving scenarios using the ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.0 format
  • Create driving scenarios from road data imported from the Zenrin Japan Map API 3.0 (Itsumo NAVI API 3.0) service

AUTOSAR Blockset

  • Use Simulink bus ports to model AUTOSAR message-based communication, export-function based runnable entities, variant conditions, and nonvirtual buses
  • Import and export ARXML files with execution order constraints for software component runnable entities at the architecture (VFB) level

IEC Certification Kit

  • ISO 26262 ADAS Example: Learn how to use Simulink to design, implement, and verify an ADAS application according to ISO 26262:2018


  • Super-elevation tool to manipulate banking angles along roads

RoadRunner Scene Builder

  • Import signs, poles, and barriers from HERE HD Live Maps

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

  • Import custom meshes and control vehicle lighting in Unreal Engine vehicle enhancements
  • Control weather and sun position in Unreal Engine scenes

Vehicle Network Toolbox

  • CAN and CAN FD Explorer Apps: Decode CAN and CAN FD messages and visualize CAN and CAN FD bus traffic without writing MATLAB code

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image Processing Toolbox

  • Process 2-D, 3-D, and N-D images that are too large to fit in memory
  • Code generation: Enhanced execution speed for code generated from several functions
  • Image Processing Onramp: Learn the basics of practical image processing techniques in MATLAB

Computer Vision Toolbox

  • Support for labeling and deep learning with arbitrarily large images

Lidar Toolbox

  • Use the Lidar Camera Calibrator App for calibrating lidar and camera sensors to estimate rigid transformations

Simulink Product Family


  • Simulink Code Importer: Import C code as reusable Simulink libraries
  • Simulation acceleration: Speed up simulations using SIMD instructions and multithreaded co-simulation
  • Bus Element Ports: Create and access component interfaces with bus element ports using all types of name-based composite signals, including nonvirtual buses and arrays of buses
  • Event Logging and Animation: Inspect and animate events in the model involving Function-Call Subsystem blocks, Simulink messages, and Simulink functions, using Event Animation and the Sequence Viewer tools
  • Record Block: Record simulation data to the workspace and to files from the same block


  • Architecture models: Describe component behavior in System Composer using state charts with Stateflow to represent modes of operation
  • Stateflow editor: Build clean, understandable models faster with Quick insert, resize-time guides, and transition label stems

System Composer

  • Sequence Diagrams: Describe system behavior as a sequence of interactions between components

Simulink Compiler

  • Source code FMU export: Export FMUs with C source code for cross-platform compilation

Aerospace Toolbox

  • satelliteScenario Object: Design and analyze scenarios, consisting of satellites and ground stations with 2-D and 3-D globe visualization, including orbit propagation, ground-track modeling, and line-of-sight access analysis

Aerospace Blockset

  • Spacecraft reference models: Model, simulate, and visualize the motion and dynamics of small satellites and spacecraft in Simulink with preconfigured model and project templates (previously part of CubeSat Simulation Library Add-On)

Code Generation

DDS Blockset

  • A new product for designing and simulating DDS applications

Embedded Coder

  • C++ code mappings: Configure C++ class interfaces using code mappings via interactive and programmatic workflows
  • Improved MISRA C++:2008: Generate code with reduced violations for MISRA C++:2008 and AUTOSAR C++14 rules
  • Image Processing Code Generation: Enhanced execution speed for several Image Processing Toolbox functions


  • Generate C/C++ code for deep learning networks that does not depend on third-party libraries

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Navigation Toolbox

  • SLAM enhancement using multisensor and landmark points for pose-graph and GNSS simulation with improved accuracy
  • Simulate Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations and estimate receiver positions

ROS Toolbox

  • Generate C++ ROS Nodes using MATLAB Coder

UAV Toolbox

  • Add DTED terrain data or meshes to simulated UAV scenarios
  • Control weather and sun position in Unreal Engine scenes

RF and Mixed-Signal

Antenna Toolbox

  • Specify metal conductivity using the MetalCatalog or custom properties, and analyze radiation efficiency

Mixed-Signal Blockset

  • Mixed-Signal Analyzer App: Analyze and visualize mixed-signal simulation data, trends, and waveforms

RF Toolbox

  • RF system object for simulating RF Blockset circuit envelope models in MATLAB



  • Simscape Onramp: Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate Simscape models through an interactive tutorial

Simscape Electrical

  • Energy Storage Modeling: Simulate electro-thermal battery and fuel-cell systems at different levels of model fidelity

Test and Verification

Requirements Toolbox

  • Requirements Editor: New user interface and toolstrip with Requirements Toolbox

Simulink Check

  • Artifact Traceability Graph: View relationships between requirements-based testing artifacts to understand traceability with Simulink Check

Simulink Test

  • Unit Testing C/C++ Code: Import and test external C/C++ code with Simulink Test
  • Atomic Subsystem Unit Testing: Use a single test harness to verify equivalence of normal and software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulations for atomic subsystems with Simulink Test

Simulink Coverage

  • Code Coverage Traceability: Trace code coverage results to associated tests for models simulated in software-in-the-loop or processor-in-the-loop modes with Simulink Coverage

Simulink Design Verifier

  • Observer support: Use Observer models to wirelessly access signals to define analysis goals with Simulink Design Verifier

Polyspace Code Verification Products

  • Polyspace as You Code: Run static code analysis and view results in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Eclipse
  • MISRA C:2012: Support for MISRA C:2012 Technical Corrigendum 1 and Amendment 2
  • C++ Support: Verify projects containing a mix of C and C++ source files

Signal Processing

Audio Toolbox

  • CREPE and OpenL3 deep networks for pitch estimation and audio embeddings
  • i-Vectors for low-dimensional signal representation in machine learning applications

DSP System Toolbox

  • Analyze and configure multicore execution for Simulink models using dataflow domains

Radar Toolbox

  • A new product for designing, simulating, and testing multifunction radar systems

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

  • Systematically construct tracking architectures and simulate tracking systems

Signal Processing Toolbox

  • Signal Processing Onramp: Complete an interactive tutorial to learn signal processing methods including preprocessing signals, filtering, and spectral analysis
  • Signal Labeler App: Label real and complex-valued signals and use the dashboard to analyze labeling progress and distribution of labels in your labeled signal set

Wavelet Toolbox

  • Wavelet Time Scattering: Accelerate and deploy automatic feature extraction of time × channel × batch data

Wireless Communications

5G Toolbox

  • Generate 5G NR uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) customized waveforms using functions or the Wireless Waveform Generator app

Communications Toolbox

  • Computationally efficient ray tracing analysis for channel models using the shooting-and-bouncing rays (SBR) method
  • Wireless autoencoder deep learning example with an unsupervised joint-coding-and-modulation scheme

LTE Toolbox

  • Access LTE Toolbox functionality on MATLAB Online

Satellite Communications Toolbox

  • A new product for simulating, analyzing, and testing satellite communications systems and links

WLAN Toolbox

  • Generate an IEEE 802.11be single-user waveform and measure transmitter modulation accuracy, spectral mask, and spectral flatness
  • IEEE 802.11az positioning and localization using deep learning