Realtime BrakeHydraulics

Real-time simulation of hydraulic brake systems


  • Flexible model setup suitable for all common hydraulic brake systems
  • Comfortable interface for parameterization, simulation control, and analysis
  • Predefined control procedures for common application scenarios
  • Ability to combine with enDYNA and veDYNA to create a virtual car
  • Stable and fast calculation with fixed-step size
  • Real-time capable with Simulink Coder ™ for multiple targets


Realtime BrakeHydraulics contains a Simulink® library with a broad selection of hydraulic component models, such as pump, reservoir, flow valve, spring loaded check valve, and pressure relief valve, to enable modeling almost all common hydraulic brake systems. The delivered example brake system model serves as a template. Only a few geometric parameters, physical characteristics of the brake fluid, and some measured data are required for parameterization. Model configuration and parameter assignment are comfortably enabled via an interface including plotting functions for quick parameter checks.

The model can be run in standalone mode as well as part of a vehicle environment in hardware-in-the-loop test bench for testing of modern brake hydraulics controllers (e.g. ABS or ESP). Smooth integration into the TESIS DYNAware vehicle dynamics program veDYNA is available as a single mouse click. Implementation is through the MATLAB® and Simulink environment.

All interfaces and parameters are fully integrated in MATLAB. Use Simulink Coder to ensure real-time simulation of the Simulink model.


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