C code generation from SIMTOOLS models for CAN, FlexRay, and I/O


  • Code generation of FlexRay and CAN signal access
  • Code generation of ADIO access and PWM functions
  • Application synchronization with communication subsystem
  • Access to target hardware via Simulink external mode
  • Target build support for Elektrobit prototyping hardware platforms
  • Target Adaptation Layer (TAL) for fast migration to other hardware platforms


SIMTARGET is the companion tool to SIMTOOLS® and generates code for a specific hardware platform. SIMTARGET generates tasks for Simulink® subsystems and thus builds the application for a dedicated ECU. The application either is synchronized to the communication subsystem or provides asynchronous access to the FlexRay® communication subsystem. SIMTARGET also compiles the signal access blocks for the communication basic software layer(s) and performs atomic access to signal groups.

Target build support is available for Elektrobit® prototyping hardware platforms, including code generation for ADIO access, FlexRay rest-bus (cluster) simulation, and PWM functions. SIMTARGET performs various consistency checks, such as for solver, model consistency, and code generation settings. It supports triggering the execution of subsystems via external interrupts as well as various debugging capabilities, including Simulink external mode, console messages, and status information. A dedicated Target Adaptation Layer (TAL) allows for fast migration to other hardware platforms.

Tight integration with SIMTOOLS (required), Simulink Coder®, and Embedded Coder™ provides a very powerful development environment, enabling users to seamlessly transition applications developed as Simulink block diagrams to the supported hardware platforms.


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