Commodity DataServer, Commodity Charts, and Commodity Query

Real-time data management solution for the financial and energy trading markets


  • Comprehensive solutions for research, analysis, and trading
  • Patented time-series database
  • Access to Morningstar Commodity Data core and optional data sets
  • Tools for back-testing trading strategies and forecasting markets
  • Complex correlation analysis
  • Near-English query language


Morningstar Commodity Data  is a leading provider of data, analytics, and research, using proprietary technology and data management solutions to provide actionable information primarily in the energy, commodities, and financial sectors.

Morningstar Commodity Data  offers a world-class data warehouse that gathers and distributes data from over 200 feeds in the power, oil, gas, commodities, equities, futures, and weather markets. Sources include all the major exchanges, electricity system operators (ISOs), price providers, major commodity brokers, weather vendors, and other key data services. In addition to gathering, processing, checking, and distributing more than 100 million data records every week, Morningstar  provides data management tools that quickly store and serve up the data. Data is accessed through a wide array of applications and APIs. Morningstar  tools allow investment professionals to analyze market data to identify opportunities, back-test strategies, run correlation analysis, and forecast the markets.

MATLAB and Morningstar connect over the Java API available in both products. MATLAB end users can pull Morningstar core data as well as optional data sets into MATLAB for analysis. Client proprietary data can be uploaded into the Morningstar database and be accessed in MATLAB. Once analysis has been run, users can easily push the data back onto their Commodity DataServer for historical record keeping. Back-testing, neural networks, Monte Carlo simulation, and risk management will benefit from using the computational power of MATLAB while pulling Morningstar high-quality data. The  data query language allows for easy historical analysis, and the full functionality of the query language is available to MATLAB users to extract the raw data into MATLAB as well as pull in historical analysis results for further testing.

Morningstar Commodity Data

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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


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