MADYN 2000

Rotor dynamics software for simulating complex rotor-gear-bearing systems


  • Efficient handling of fluid film bearings
  • Efficient handling of magnetic bearings
  • One model for torsional, lateral, and coupled vibrations
  • Magnetic bearing controller design
  • Clear and practice-oriented results presentation


MADYN 2000 is a comprehensive tool for rotor dynamics, enabling the user to simulate complex rotor-gear-bearing systems. Users can model all types of bearings, including fluid film and magnetic bearings. Static analyses, damped eigenvalue analyses, harmonic and transient response analyses, and parameter variations can be carried out for lateral, torsional, axial, as well as coupled systems. Easy-to-use interfaces are available at every stage — for modeling, to apply loads to define and start analyses, and to select and present results. All result plots (such as resonance curves, Campbell diagrams, and time histories) are clear and practice-oriented.

Manufacturers and users of rotating machinery use MADYN 2000 to ensure and assess the proper design of rotors, as well as to find the cause of vibration problems.

MADYN 2000 uses MATLAB® as a computational engine and for graphics display. In addition, when designing magnetic bearing controllers using MATLAB, users can import SISO as well as MIMO TF controller objects into MADYN 2000 and then export model data and analysis results back to MATLAB for further processing.

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