HLA Blockset

Simulink interface to HLA for distributed simulation


  • Runs HLA federate from Simulink®
  • Does not require code
  • Provides interface for configuring the federate parameters
  • Is compliant with any HLA RTI (HLA 1.3 and IEEE 1516)
  • Is compatible with Simulink Coder
  • Includes utilities and sample federations


The HLA Blockset provides a library of Simulink blocks specifically designed for the integration of High Level Architecture (HLA) services into Simulink models. Designed to enable organizations to more efficiently participate in multinational simulations or implement distributed simulation models locally, the HLA Blockset greatly simplifies federation development and model reuse.

Federate interactions with the run-time infrastructure (RTI) can easily be configured through the interface to capture the information required by Simulink to execute the federate. The interface also provides an organized tree structure presenting the federation object and interaction classes used to identify the attributes and/or interactions your federate will publish and/or subscribe. The HLA Blockset accelerates federation implementation and enables the use of Simulink blocksets at the federate development level.

In addition to the HLA Blockset functionalities, users can design a federate using any MATLAB features such as the debugger, the profiler, GUIDE, visualization tools, data access tools, and numerical algorithms. Users can integrate S-functions in the Simulink federate for specific implementation requirements. The HLA Blockset simplifies and accelerates federation development and gives users more time to implement their models.

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