D3 Engineering - System Integration Services

DSP hardware, software, and algorithm system integration services


D3 Engineering delivers high-quality and affordable DSP engineering services. D3 can take existing MATLAB and Simulink algorithms, assess and simulate the potential real-time performance, and then build the resulting system.

Working within numerous markets, D3 offers hardware and software design services to integrate DSP capabilities into new and existing products. D3 brings extensive experience in a wide range of DSP applications including wireless, medical, imaging, and motion control. D3 works with customers in all areas of the design cycle from concept, to prototyping, to production.

D3 can port MATLAB and Simulink algorithms to real-time DSP hardware (both custom and off-the-shelf). D3 works with customers to integrate MATLAB algorithms into real-time systems, or convert and optimize the algorithm to a Texas Instruments DSP. All of these solutions are designed with the performance, price, and reliability required for the project.

D3 Engineering

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Product Expertise

Service Type

  • System Integration Services


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Real-Time Systems


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Consumer Electronics