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Plot a cell array containing n matrices on same graph but with different color for each matrix.
a=cell(2,2); a{1,1}=[1:10;rand(1,10)]; a{1,2}=[1:5;rand(1,5)]; a{2,1}=[1:8;rand(1,8)]; a{2,2}=[1:3;rand(1,3)]; ...

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Update plot in standalone window
Try it with MATLAB GUI (Graphical User Interface).

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how to plot an angle between two lines with orientation(arrow for alpha 1 and alpha 2 as shown in figure).

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I need to remove the data which has low amplitude As shown in the figure. Can anyone help me with that???
You can analyze the signal using Signal Analyzer and design a high pass filter using Filter Designer in Signal Processing Toolbo...

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Do you know copy of MATLAB .fig can be edited in MS Word as shape components?
It is useful while you are interactively plotting like arc. Altough you can interactively add arrow, circle, text, line, etc. yo...

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How to change size of array to match size of another array?
a=[1:10]' ; % n=10 b=zeros(size(a));

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