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Creating a Large Phased Array Using Subarrays with Phase Centers at Each Element
Thats because when you set "SubSteering" to "Custom", you have to manually compute the time delay. MATLAB does not allow you to ...

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Adding Tapering and Time Delay
I am adding time delay on my subarrays and taylor tapering on each element of the subarray and having trouble. clear,clc, clos...

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I am trying to place multiple phased array apertures on mutliple facets of a ship. How do I model that in matlab? How do I get the maximum scan angle? I am trying to get the minimal number of arrays to get 360 Horizon to Horizon coverage.
There are 3 facets on a ship, two facets in the front, 1 wide facet on each side and another 1 in the back. I want to place an a...

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