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Convert integer to base26 using letters
Write a function that converts a decimal integer to base26 using the letters of the english alphabet, i.e. 0->'a', 1->'b', 2->'c...

3 månader ago


Calculate the Levenshtein distance between two strings
This problem description is lifted from <>. The Levenshtein distance betwee...

11 månader ago


You have a two vectors, a and b. They are monotonic and the same length. Given a value, va, where va is between a(1) and a(end...

mer än ett år ago


Determine whether a vector is monotonically increasing
Return true if the elements of the input vector increase monotonically (i.e. each element is larger than the previous). Return f...

ungefär 2 år ago


Replace secondary diagonal elements of a square array
Replace all the secondary diagonal elements of the square array A with the number n Example: A = [1 2 3 4 5 6 ...

mer än 2 år ago


Data Regularization
Provided is an m-by-n integer data matrix A whose elements are drawn arbitrarily from a set *S* = [1,2,3,...,S] for any large in...

mer än 2 år ago


Divide elements by sum of elements
In this problem, I ask you to write a function which will divide the elements of each column by the sum of the elements of the s...

mer än 2 år ago


How to calculate memory required to do mldivide?
Hi, I am using mldivide to solve systems of linear equations (finding x in Ax = b). In some cases I run out of memory if solving...

mer än 2 år ago | 1 answer | 0